Create a website on a fast hosting? As I did …

You know what the hardest thing in this case? The hardest part – to come up with the name of your site, and not just think of it as yet and come up with something that no one before you do not come up and not bought, I’m talking of course about the domain name. I it took a few days, no problems with imagination but all my ideas had already occupied by someone, oh yeah, I’d sure the domain name .COM and alternative .NET or .ORG does not suit me.

So, action number 1 – a unique and free domain name on. COM, having touched a lot of options and spending more than one day of this, I sat and thought – how much can sloupochit? WOW that’s it –, scored in the search – freely, immediately issued for and redeemed. Enjoyed by the way the service, and access to its panel with login and password received on the next day, so they rule – you register and buy now and get access later. As it turns out this is not the only negative, because I wanted to use the domain name in conjunction with its network storage Synology. For access to my NAS is needed DDNS service that is dynamic DNS that redirects me to the stream. As it turned out this is not possible for a domain name transfer to another service, for example which I use for a long time after the registration of the service must be at least 2 months. I contacted customer support and they confirmed my fears – ddns not and the only way – to use their servers. Nothing to do, had to pay 45 dollars, at the same time have the opportunity to check how their servers faster my home. And you know what? Much faster. It is noticeable, and if they work steadily in the future will not give up their services.

Next, the second conclusion to which I came or rule number 2 – the site should be in English! It is the most popular language in the world and most of the requests on the Internet in this language. If you want a high traffic website – you need to use it in English. My English is very primitive, I can read and understand written, but write without errors – no, that gave me confidence? Site of one Indian who does not hesitate, because even I, with my bad English saw them laid out in the video how strong his accent and how ridiculous that sounds, but most importantly – his English is much clearer to me than a well-written site like cnn or bloomberg etc probably the fact that it uses a simple turns of phrase, and the very words that are clear to me! His website is a huge success and is located at he writes manuals and instructions are in the bulk – copied from the popular resources such as but there are original articles and that they are the most interesting.

Rule No. 3 – the simplicity and purity of the site, the easier the faster the boot from any device, the better will be acquired information.

Rule number 4 – allow users themselves to write articles on your site, let there be no restrictions on the topics, allow them to post links to their websites so that was the motivation for writing articles, I came out of this situation, so – two categories one of which is moderated by me and the other is not, let him write anything there, spam, advertising, etc.

Rule No. 5 – communication with social services, the ability to login to your resource through them and post messages and comments, the ability to put like, do retwit and so on.

Rule Number 6 – try to write and update your site to users with the content was interesting, write clear and simple article – something that you yourself would be interested to read

And most importantly rule number 7 – have fun with the activity, but in this case you will have the resources to make an interesting and perhaps someday make a profit through advertising, links, or collect donations for development, but while the main award – the ability to make high-quality and interesting resource.

What do you think? Write your opinion in the comments below.