Allahcoin and it’s not a joke

Here is a detailed description of this new product: Allahcoin is a reliable peer-to-peer online currency that is not inferior to Bitcoin and vice versa has several positive differences: this currency is effectively extracted from a consumer-grade equipment, consumer transactions are faster (average 2.5 minutes) , plans to release 84 million units of the currency. One of the goals Allahcoin – ensuring the Intellectual analysis algorithms that can help finance the Foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

With each new unit of the currency will be applicable 10% tax, which will direct the Foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood to promote Islam, teaching the illiterate children, creating hospitals and law enforcement of Sharia across the world.
This is good news? Not really, really sorry that inhibited the development of kriptovalyut international barriers, geographic location, religion. It’s already in the name of the mortgaged certain kind of alienation of the society who have a different view of religion. But I hope that the currency will have its precise location in the world kriptovalyut and not go the way of CNC FTC and many others who just simply are alternative currencies relative to Bitcoin