Bitcoin was created by the U.S. government – new revelation from Snowden

New evidence from a former CIA officer Edward Snowden about what popular electronic currency Bitcoin is actually created by the U.S. service NSA (National Security Agency).

Snowden has provided the scanned document marked “HARD COPY ONLY” that was sent by the Americans to their counterparts in Japan, this document contains information about the operation “Satoshi” the essence of which – the creation of crypto currency with pseudo anonymity. And in fact, all Bitcoin transactions are in the same network, and is quite easy to determine the path of the coin, where they were purchased, spent and at what time. The effects of such news can now be seen on the course of the online exchange, many hackers believe that the involvement of NSA in the creation of Bitcoin destroys at least two major advantages over other currencies bitcoin, namely anonymity and lack of public participation. Some bloggers give their explanation: “Bitcoin was falsely anonymous by-product of the war on terror! Even Hollywood could not come up with the best scenario.” But there is also a contrary view that Bitcoin can go beyond its historical origins. Indeed, in this case, instead of trusting to one particular state users have entrusted their funds to a narrow circle of individuals who have created something new. Whose side will outweigh and who in the end will be in a better position to be seen. What do you think? Write in the comments below.