Ebay seller cancelled my order. But it’s not seller fault? Ebay support recommend him to cancel my order…

Here is full Live Chat with eBay support:

Escalation from eBay Helpbot
2020 – 12 – 03
04:17:18 UTC Louraine
Thank you for contacting eBay, my name is Rain from Escalations Team. May I know your full name please.
04:18:08 UTC acidivanrussia
04:18:57 UTC Louraine
Thanks Ivan, I’m sorry to know that the seller was not able to send your item.
04:19:27 UTC acidivanrussia
why you recommend to cancel ?
04:19:32 UTC Louraine
For me to understand the situation may I know more about what happen?
04:19:46 UTC acidivanrussia
can I use screenshots here?
04:20:37 UTC acidivanrussia
or you can read my eBay messages with this user
04:20:43 UTC acidivanrussia
04:21:08 UTC acidivanrussia
04:21:18 UTC Louraine
I’m sorry to know about your situation, may I ask what is the item involve for me to check useful information about what really happen?
04:22:33 UTC acidivanrussia
about this listing
04:22:33 UTC acidivanrussia
04:24:11 UTC Louraine
Thank you, please give me a moment to check this transaction.
04:24:34 UTC Louraine
And Ivan can you tell me what happen to this transaction?
04:25:48 UTC acidivanrussia
seller canceled transaction because eBay support via Live chat said to cancel
04:26:04 UTC Louraine
Is this for the item Apple 2018 macbook pro 13 touch bar 256gb?
04:26:19 UTC acidivanrussia
04:26:41 UTC acidivanrussia
check links above
04:27:20 UTC Louraine
As I review the detail sI can see that the seller did cancel the transaction. And I know that this can be disappointing and I want to explain our outlook on cancellations.
04:27:36 UTC Louraine
A seller may cancel an order for a number of reasons, for instance they may be new to eBay, and didn’t list the item correctly, or the seller may no longer have the item in stock.
04:28:34 UTC Louraine
And with the claim that we eBay was the one who inform the seller to cancel the transaction it never happen.
04:29:13 UTC acidivanrussia
but you can see screenshot from seller
04:29:45 UTC acidivanrussia
eBay support via Live Chat recommend to cancel
04:30:09 UTC Louraine
I’m sorry but I cannot access the screen shots that you’ve send using the link.
04:30:37 UTC acidivanrussia
you can read my eBay messages with seller?
04:31:02 UTC acidivanrussia
From:brittani2008 To:acidivanrussia Sent:Dec-03-20 08:04
04:31:36 UTC Louraine
Yes, I was able to check the conversation between you and your seller about this transaction.
04:32:02 UTC Louraine
And I was also able to figure out that the seller already issued you a refund directly.
04:32:40 UTC acidivanrussia
yes, but seller did it because eBay support said to cancel
04:32:52 UTC acidivanrussia
and I want to know why
04:33:49 UTC acidivanrussia
maybe it’s not real support
04:33:57 UTC acidivanrussia
just eBay Helpbot?
04:35:06 UTC Louraine
I’m really sorry Ivan but we really cannot explain to you what happen since I cannot figure out what was the situation.
04:35:45 UTC acidivanrussia
can you make ticket for deep review?
04:36:46 UTC Louraine
If you want further clarification you may ask your seller if they really claim that eBay was the one who suggested to cancel that transaction.
04:37:57 UTC Louraine
We can no longer stop the cancellation since refund was already issued. And just want to let you know that only seller can decide if they wish to cancel the transaction or not.
04:38:20 UTC Louraine
Sellers on eBay assume the responsibility for the item(s) they list. We protect our buyers by tracking how often a seller cancels an order, and we take corrective actions against sellers who cancel orders too often. Since eBay only facilitates the transaction without handling the physical item(s), we can’t force the seller to go through with the sale, but we ensure you will be refunded in full for a transaction if it is cancelled.
04:38:44 UTC acidivanrussia
it’s not seller fault
04:38:53 UTC acidivanrussia
she asked eBay support
04:39:08 UTC acidivanrussia
and your answer – cancel transaction
04:39:32 UTC acidivanrussia
and I want to know how to fix it for future
04:39:58 UTC acidivanrussia
it’s live support or bot
04:40:17 UTC acidivanrussia
who recommend to cancel
04:42:06 UTC Louraine
I do understand, their might be some reason to why the agent was able to suggest that. Since I cannot further validate their conversation you might ask first the seller on what did they inform the agent or what was the conversation all about.
04:43:17 UTC acidivanrussia
can you make support ticket for this situation?
04:44:59 UTC Louraine
You don’t have to worry because we monitors sellers activities when it comes to cancellation.
04:45:05 UTC Louraine
Also, you can leave appropriate feedback for the seller that can let other buyers know about your experience. You can learn more about how to leave feedback here: https://www.ebay.com/help/buying/leaving-feedback-sellers/leaving-feedback-sellers?id=4007
04:45:31 UTC Louraine
We take corrective actions against sellers who cancel orders too often.
04:46:32 UTC acidivanrussia
I don’t want bad feedback for this seller. I don’t think it’s her fault. She asked eBay support and support said – cancel this order.
04:46:58 UTC Louraine
Thats the reason why we will not command the seller to cancel transactions. And only your seller can really explain what was their conversation to why the agen was able to suggest that its better for them to cancel the purchase.
04:47:42 UTC acidivanrussia
I see her screenshot with eBay messages
04:47:50 UTC acidivanrussia
and you can see too
04:48:08 UTC acidivanrussia
support recommend to cancel
04:48:57 UTC Louraine
I would suggest that you send us an email regarding these screen shots so we can also check what really happen and we can explain to you the situation.
04:49:13 UTC acidivanrussia
04:49:21 UTC acidivanrussia
email, please
04:50:22 UTC Louraine
Thank you so much for understanding, you can send us an email directly through Help and Contact Page in your account.
04:50:42 UTC acidivanrussia
and email address?
04:52:19 UTC Louraine
You can use this link https://www.ebay.com/help/call_us?type=ContactUs&initFrom=HOME&topicId=4000 for you to be routed to the Contact us page.
04:52:43 UTC acidivanrussia
how I can attach this chat to email?
04:53:39 UTC acidivanrussia
and I see contact us page
04:53:46 UTC acidivanrussia
but don’t see email address
04:54:16 UTC Louraine
You can upload your documents at this link: https://ocsnext.ebay.com/ocs/mudcwf?deptName=USMemberAppeals To upload your document: Open the link. Sign in to your account. Select the Document type dropdown menu and choose General Information. Select Add file and upload your document. Add [Service Request.SR Number] in the Comments field, so we can track your documents. Select Send.
04:55:31 UTC Louraine
You can use this instead so you can send us an email with an attachments.
04:55:50 UTC acidivanrussia
04:55:53 UTC acidivanrussia
I see
04:55:54 UTC acidivanrussia
To help us with your inquiry, please send proof of identity, address, or ownership of the items you listed on eBay.
04:56:08 UTC acidivanrussia
my problem not listed here
04:57:06 UTC acidivanrussia
it’s not support ticket – just form for some docs sending
04:59:18 UTC Louraine
Yes I do understand, thats the reason why you have to enter the details or question that you would like us to answer regarding the documents that you sent under the Comment section. You can input the item number so we would also know what is the item involved?
05:00:24 UTC acidivanrussia
so complicated
05:00:48 UTC acidivanrussia
much better use support ticket system or direct email
05:01:28 UTC acidivanrussia
how to attach this chat?
05:02:31 UTC acidivanrussia
when I click “end chat” I will receive chat copy?
05:03:23 UTC Louraine
Yes you will received an email transcript on what we’ve talked today once the chat ends.
05:03:35 UTC acidivanrussia
05:03:37 UTC acidivanrussia
05:04:04 UTC
Chat ended by acidivanrussia