Comparison of Google AdWords and Yandex Direct.

What is the best Google AdWords or Yandex Direct? On his website, I place blocks ads from Google and what happens if someone clicks on the advertisement income is often about $ 1 per click! But wanting to click on the ads are not many, so to speak of large amounts is not necessary. Yet at me because of those statistics had an opinion about the advertising campaigns as a tool for the rich.

I, for one, is not ready to pay that kind of money for a transition to my website. But then came the moment when the end justifies the means – I need alternative ways of obtaining online currency Bitcoin, I wrote an article buy/sell Bitcoin and decided to run ads on Google and Yandex, highlighting 10$ for each of them. I will repeat what I have been working with Google for a long time and no other ads on your site did not place, all the time there were no problems with them, so it was felt that run Google AdWords campaign will be easier and faster than Yandex Direct, but it turned out as quite the contrary. In Yandex launch campaign was very short, everything is clear and simple, has got the money, 30 minutes on a check by a moderator and the promotion began, therefore describe the process itself does not see the need.
 But in Google troubles began with a plant of money on their bill, out of 10$ that I have listed for AdWords have been deducted nearly 2$ for VAT at all strange how even physical persons for VAT with the launch of advertising? Yes, and the transfer took 24 hours (with card VISA) and in the message translation in the commission reported that this is the normal time and they do not work quickly. But do not lose heart and become engaged in Google AdWords. Once filled in all fields, picked keywords and ads launched – it’s the mail message:

Dear Advertiser AdWords!

Please be informed that at least one ad or keyword in your
account was rejected. Unfortunately, your advertising will not be
no show on Google, or on the websites of the search and Display
networks until you correct the problem.

If there was an error, please contact us. We will help you as much as possible
early resumption of display advertising. The following explains the reason why
Your ads have been rejected or keywords. At the end of the letter you
find a report with detailed information about what exactly ads
keywords or you need to fix, and that it needs to do
(If possible).

Reason for rejection
Site Policy: We found that your site is not
meet our policies, so all his ads touting
were rejected.

In this case, the reason for blocking on the site specified in the letter of the links no information, I sent a second request for review of my site to the classifieds, attached screen shots from my account and asked to explain the reason for blocking, for me it was strange that someone else’s ads on my site displayed and properly remunerated even if transitions happen on them, and then I myself want to pay money to attract visitors and do not give. According to the logic should be the other way around if there are any problems with the site.
At lunch the next day on a cell phone received a call from the number +15192290, one caller introduced himself to me employee of Google, said contact and said that now he will work with me to help solve the problem, the question of the reason for blocking it said that the system shows the difficulty of access to the site from mobile devices, but at the same time, he has just tested the site and visible problems with it found, has promised to keep up to date until the problem is solved. And later in the mail came a letter:

 I received a response from our department to review the site for compliance with the rules of Google, and I hasten to inform you of the following:
On your site is too little that is original and useful content. I advise you to describe in detail the aspects of currency Bitcoin, where and how it is used as a control.
It is also not clear your obligation to exchange currency. Clearly describe the process of exchange, as well as write, what to do in case, if your client does not receive the promise.
 Once you deposit the required changes to the site, send to the website at the following link.

 Thank you!

After a couple of hours of work on the site all the requirements of the letter from Google were made, mistakes corrected, moreover, just in case he changed the subject site for better compatibility with mobile devices and connect to the service CDN to speed up its work. Again, the request was sent to re-check the site and received a reply to the post:

Thank you for contacting customer support AdWords.

I have passed your request for consideration. As soon as the news, I'll get back to you right away.
If you have any further questions, please contact our phone support. Thank you for your cooperation.

Currently waiting for a response from Google and since the first attempt to launch a campaign to promote a few key words to the letters of the above took place one week, during which time Yandex Direct has already attracted several clients with an average cost $ 0.04 per click.

In Yandex Direct your maximum cost per click cost in $ 0.05 and as long as force is not going to. In Google AdWords settings are in “auto” mode, and the maximum price per click is now there for more than $ 1! But as soon as the campaign to approve the change at once to 0.05 Google AdWords and Yandex Direct have equal conditions to assess performance. Do you have experience of working on the launch of advertising? Is it possible to do this more efficiently? Leave your comments in the box below.