how made a mass mailing

I have no purpose to deal with spam and make money on it, but I wonder how others are doing, what features and tools are available. Through your favorite magazine Hacker I learned about the service, which allows you to properly address this issue, and warns that spam is bad and can not, at this time he puts it on a mass mailing email messages. What are the opportunities in this service?
1) sending a huge number of messages to a pre-selected address

2) Built-designer “drag and drop” for composing messages to be sent

3) The ability to embed code into your life, so that users do subscribe to our newsletter

4) Monitoring the effectiveness of distribution, the amount delivered / viewed posts

5) The ability to bypass spam filters when sending organization

minus in my opinion one – limited free account. Free will allow you to send up to 2,000 emails a day and not more than 12,000 per month. If you need more – you pay and the amount of it is not very modest. Although, if this restriction was not the spam would be in every second letter in your box, and the service itself does not have coped with such a load. By the way it works is not particularly fast, for example txt file of 20 MB in the presence of 1m email contact site “digesting” 2:00! And the same is then removed, because you can use a maximum of 2000 contacts, with the rest to be paid. Here was my fault, because I think that it is possible to send 2,000 per day, and have any number of contacts in your address book. How and where to get the contacts to send? Yes, the same thepiratebay, lack of Privacy of personal information at knowing where to look will be. How do I decided to do? Well first to write a review of this service and to make a video in which clearly be seen what he can do, and through him the same warning to those users whose emai addresses were freely available, so that they at least changed the passwords to their accounts, maybe, usually the information to hackers falls in the collection and there will be not only an email address, but the passwords, phone numbers, home addresses, maybe even Dunn about cards VISA or Mastercard. And so, while I was writing this article – got the following message when: This account has been deactivated. If you think this was in error, please email [email protected].


And that’s just for the fact that I downloaded a list of contacts and 1 m as the download is completed – deleted it .. . While in theprocess of registering confirmed your email address and even a phone number on the resulting code in the SMS. Do not begin to address their support, I decided to do otherwise – in this message will be email addresses that have been published in the public domain, press ctrl + f and try to find youraddress if there is – your Facebook account threatened, change your password and set tough policies spam filters your mailbox as spam will certainly be very much. Here’s a list: 1000000 email list .

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