How to attract people to your site

Site created, paid hosting, design decided it is time to decide so as to attract people to your life, try to understand.

1) Buy.


This refers to the involvement of the users through advertising, such as using Google Adwords, here you can add user engagement by promoting searches through the purchase links, and I would not say that it will be cheaper on the other hand there is the risk of not getting the result as a new user. Also, “buy” if people can buy a domain name for a lot of money, not to untwist the project from scratch.


2) Involve.

 Lure interesting content, new features, which is not so on other sites, simple unpretentious design, lack of advertising, the need to register (or the ability to do this by linking your username on Twitter and Facebook with the admin panel of the site). It is necessary to take into account that this is a long process and quickly gain the audience gets only a small number of lucky people, but can be accelerated if you use a variety of popular social networks, “like”, “retwit” and similar key, of course for this to happen it is necessary that the resource was interesting.

3) To force.

 Yes, and it is also possible, such as through spam email, banners and hidden redirects, through other sites that exist only to direct the flow of your life. It is very effective and if the necessary knowledge free way to attract thousands of new users, of course there can be consequences, but do not go too far, everything is good in moderation.

I must admit that I used all 3 ways and now I can make a conclusion about the pros and cons of each.

1) Buying a member, you get paid for that, and there are so many people as you want, but as soon as the stop paying – your life will be no use to anyone.

2) Drawing member, you will yourself to enjoy the process, create quality content to enjoy every new entrance to the site, but do not count on a rapid rise in popularity of the resource is likely to take more than one year so that was a good result, you have the time ?

3) Making visit your website is not difficult, more difficult to do so then the visitor wanted more time to dial your page in the browser, will be able to do this? Quite difficult. But the pleasure in the process undoubtedly is, the forbidden fruit is sweet, good to get everything at once and even for free. But do not get carried away.

For myself, I decided that I would like to have a site that would not require from me any money on advertising, the maximum that is ready – prepay quality and fast hosting, and this site has to bring me pleasure in working on it, and not fatigue, and time is ready to give him would not be my working time, but rather a time of rest.

What do you think? Write in the comments below.