How to set up PageSpeed ​​Service from Google

As soon as there is an opportunity to accelerate / improve your website I will use it, so the service from Google PageSpeed ​​became the object of my attention in this article. The first thing to do – send a request to participate in the test (of course Google account must already be at this point), you can also submit your application to this address: link

Then after a couple of days if done correctly will receive confirmation by email:

PageSpeed Service
Dear Webmaster,Thank you for showing interest in speeding up your website. We are happy to inform you that your site has been approved to use Google’s PageSpeed Service.Our analysis of your website shows that PageSpeed Service can make it significantly faster.
Please check this report and watch the video to see how your pages can be rendered faster by PageSpeed Service.Click the button below and login using xxxxxxx to get started.
Please note that you can add up to 50 domains to your project.If you have any questions, or need help in setting up your domain, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected],
The PageSpeed Service team
Get Started

But do not be alarmed if you do not notice a change in your account Google, I for one letter came sooner than was connected PageSpeed ​​option and I had to write a letter to support:

Hi, I received this letter but do not have access to this service, and the letter also does not refer to further instructions, examples of which are shown in the video on your site are also not suitable

At that soon got the answer:

Dear Webmaster, Thank you for your interest in PageSpeed Service! We investigated your site, and it appears that you must first log into the PageSpeed Service console at and specify the domain you want to optimize. You can find detailed instructions at
Please note that you must complete this step before CNAMEing your domain to PageSpeed Service. Your site will break if you do not first complete Steps 1-4 in PSS Setup Guide

Regards, The PageSpeed Service Team

And here I was able to connect service PageSpeed, the links above have the video, but it will duplicate it in this post:

Everything is explained step by step, do not think you have any problems with this, the only nuance – configure DNS and everyone she will pass on its own way, depending on whose service you use. I can not imagine you two examples, one good and the other with a negative result (at least at the time of this writing).

First, what happened to almost instantly: I have a website that is and served And if you watched the video on configuring DNS, which is higher then you know how to incrementally adjust the service PageSpeed, in this particular case, you can go directly to the Setup serving domain, because Setup an Origin Host is already set up.
Go to

and open the settings of the site by clicking on the + sign

the drop-down menu select the DNS tab and then in the «Modify» choose CNAME Alias, Click «Add» and enter the values ​​that gave you by Google specifically for your account. I got the following output:


Wait a few minutes and the service is set to PageSpeed ​​«Enabled» by email and received a letter of congratulations:

Dear Webmaster,Congratulations on completing all the steps to successfully configure and serve your site through PageSpeed Service (PSS)!Here are some tips to get the most out of PSS:
The Console page for your PSS project is at, and is the main point of entry for managing PSS with your site. We strongly recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.
The Overview tab in the console displays the HTML requests and average page load times for your site. If your site’s behavior depends on the IP address of the user, please make sure you are reading the address provided in the X-Forwarded HTTP header. Details are provided here.
We will periodically update you on new rewriters that show significant speed gains on your site. Alternatively, you can experiment with enabling advanced rewriters yourself from the Configure Rewriters tab.
If you find that some of your pages are broken, consider disabling the relevant rewriters or reverting them to the default recommended settings, and write to our support team.
The Caching and Errors tab displays errors that PSS encounters when fetching content from your origin site. You can also flush files that may have been inadvertently cached by PSS.
The Troubleshooting tab contains answers to common issues along with recommended fixes and pointers to resources. In particular, the FAQ help page provides answers to the most common questions about PSS.
If you encounter any problems, please contact us at pss‑[email protected] and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

The PageSpeed Service team

Run the test to be seen clearly for what has been done all this work:

Now to the bad example, it’s which is located on a free hosting of and he is only responsible for the redirect dns while all of the content is located on the NAS server from Synology. This was done because the site is a very large number of photos and pay for hosting will be expensive. And when I wanted to speed up the site using PageSpeed ​​then faced with the problem of setting DNS. First does not give access to the settings panel for a free account type, which have up to this point quite satisfied, and optional No-IP Enhanced costs 15 dollars is not too much I thought and paid. With access to my DNS settings “pleased” that in order to configure DNS TXT Record to connect Plus Managed DNS for $ 25., For what I paid just did not affect the ability to access the necessary options to me, okay if necessary to speed up your site, and this amount is not a problem, but when the payment was made it was found that my account was not improved, and has been created in parallel with another account in exactly the same domain name, which is why it is not tied to!

What to do in this case? I recommend to send an urgent request to the support and if you do not get a response the next day that require a refund. For example, I was already a similar situation when I paid services but did not get something for that money made​​, and if the payment was made via PayPal – create a claim for a refund, all return but will take time.
What are the problems you are having when connecting PageSpeed ​​from Google? Write in the comments below, try to understand and help.