Localbitcoins trades

Localbitcoins trades

Always best rate and service, here you can buy some BTC for your  debit/credit card balance.

If You new user Localbitcoins – Your limit only 30$ per trade, use 30$ PROMO button please, if you have discount code – you can use any button

FOR ALL NEW USERS ( first trade with me )

30$ to BTC PROMO (use this button if you have Facebook )

Time of delivery 3-5 days

200,300,400,500$ to BTC
Instant ( only for users who traded with me before)

30,60,90$ to BTC
Instant ( only for my TRUSTED users)

120,150,180,210$ to BTC

*  if you can not use button – try a smaller volume

ask for  large volume


USA only !
only your personal credit/debit cards with your Name on it;
need status “delivered” for your tracking number for BTC release;
I send items only if Your address “confirmed”;
do not send parcel to wrong address;
you can choose any model, several different purchases are delivered in one parcel;
first parcel You pay for shipping, all next I send free ( need send me message with request for personal discount codes );

You can track Your shipment with this link