Podcast Generator is fun and simple program for creating your own podcast

In the list of applications available for installation Synology has a new program – Podcast Generator. Every program for my NAS I am pleased to test and this is no exception.

The first impression that arose – why do you need it? The program is top of minimalism, nothing more, and it’s on top is misleading as there is not anything interesting. BUT! After trying to add a few videos I realized that this could be a very interesting tool.
So what I liked:

1) Ability to upload videos, music and photos, laying out and editing instantly on your server.

2) Ability to share their materials through RSS and iTunes podcasts

3) As already stated above the minimalism and simplicity of use

We should also highlight the possibility of placing the podcast in iTunes iTunes Store that can also be done in a few clicks, I sent her but now he is on moderation, I hope that it will be approved and the first subscribers.

By the way here is the link to the home page of the program

on my server: http://nas.myftp.org/podcastgen

Link to RSS: feed://nas.myftp.org/podcastgen/feed.xml

Link to the podcast iTunes: itpc://nas.myftp.org/podcastgen/feed.xml

Please share thoughts about the program and my podcast in the comments below.