Problems with registration on

I decided to register at the reception was rather but the old login and password could not enter – resets to the previous page before contacting customer support – registered a new account and received an email asking you to confirm the registration , I did it and got the following email:

Thank you for your interest in – The Source for Business Surplus. We have received your application to become a member of our marketplace. As soon as your account has been activated, we will send you an e-mail confirmation, at which time you may begin using our site. In some cases, you may receive confirmation immediately. However, depending on the information you submitted, it may take between 24 and 72 business hours to activate your account.

In general enter the site could not, did not want to wait and asked to email customer service – got the answer:

The account that is created with this email address is currently pending. It can take 24 to 72 hours to be activated. Your account will be reviewed as soon as possible. If it is eligible for activation you will receive a “Welcome” email from us.

He waited – received a letter Welcome, but there is one clarification – I used when registering VPN to my address was an American – to be able to pay for purchases by credit card or PayPal is available only to residents of the U.S., so when I made a bet on the lot, I was asked to enter credit card details , and she registered me in Russia, the account immediately zablokirovlsya and the post office received a letter:

Our system indicated that you are accessing our website from an international address. You will need to fax your US documents (US government or US state-issued ID) to validate that you are a US buyer to fax number 972-692-7029 (with your user ID).

You can also send it as a photo / scanned copy via email to [email protected]. Otherwise, you will need to re-register as an international buyer. If you register as an international buyer, you can add a US address as one of your shipping addresses.

Email scan a U.S. passport of course I could not because it was not me, so I decided to check in without breaking the rules, but there was a surprise for me – namely message “We cannot ship to your selected country” when trying to send in the registration form – immediately I contacted customer support and got the answer:

All countries are not treated the same way under the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) because of differences in national security, nonproliferation, or foreign policy considerations for the US Due to Federal Regulations, does not allow accounts from your country .

But the problem is not that I will need to send a parcel to Russia, I have an address in America, but no passport of that country, I am a citizen of Russia, and it turns out that not only can not be sent to Russia and the countries that are on the black list, but and it is impossible to have an account if you’re from the “gap” of the country?
As I came out of this situation? I have an account in the Baltics, check-pointed one of these countries and the request was …
By the way here’s a list of countries with the registration of which you have a problem with

Cuba Iran Iraq Libya North Korea Sudan UNITA (Angola) Afghanistan Belarus Bosnia-Herzegovina
Burma China (PR) Croatia Haiti Indonesia Kosovo Liberia Macedonia Nigeria Russia Rwanda
Somalia Syria Vietnam Yemen Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) Zimbabwe

Add your own comments if you have had similar problems, or if there is another vyhot of such a situation.