wmx.webmoney.ru not working

Problems with the exchange service wmx.webmoney.ru, if you try to log on to the service now (as of 08/22/13 19:00 UTC+4) then you do not work, the site is not available at all, or not available at webmoney forum forum.webmoney.ru. In what the reason is not clear yet know the consequences – there is no output from the WMX Exchange.

WMX is a unit of account sent by participants of the deposit of the Guarantor (INDX Transactions LTD) property rights to the publication records in the distributed database network bitcoin.org. Handing bitcoin deposited Guarantor and received WMX, member of the system WebMoney Transfer can exchange them for WMZ, WME and other title signs on the exchange wm.exchanger.ru and pay at any of the tens of thousands of shops connected to the system.
And to return the BTC with no storage capabilities. Support webmoney any comments about it does not, sends a [email protected] – e-mail that has been supporting the WMX, but contact them by phone also will not work (phone from support WMX not) only by e-mail. But while any attempt to contact customer service via e-mail WMX not lead to success does not come in response to even confirm that you are treated there, writing into the void.
The official forum just simply turned off, preventing the ability of users to learn news of each other.
The very problem appeared after lunch and after trying to send WMX with storage for your e BTC users faced with the error: “Internal error, please contact technical support”, the most important thing that an error appeared after the payment application for withdrawal, ie funds from your account has been written off, and the address you have not been sent.
In the network there is no any comments on this issue, the main resources where it would have to discuss now are silent …