Review of the new service of electronic currency exchange

Now it seems that the general euphoria at the bitcoin passed and he slowly went into oblivion, but perhaps this is a new stage in the life of the popular e-currency and will not be further ups and downs, but only the steadfast reliability and anonymity when using it.

But recent events have shown that there probably is a weak spot in the rate of output and losses in the output, for example for a while stopped withdrawal of dollar deposits, and now again when it was announced that the opportunity was asked to be patient, hinting at large timing output (from two weeks). is also faced with the problems it was evident from the reduced dramatically methods output / input via e-currency, and although in recent days reimposed qiwi, with webmoney and by Yandex cooperation is not yet resumed.

Me to the forum often come but rarely write (if we disregard the bots of which are still found a way to defend themselves), but a month ago, was asked to test the service, than I am now and I plan to do.

What we liked:

1) Ability to work with, and let there quite stringent requirements for user verification, later no problems in the work of the system I discovered – support service works quickly, the money withdrawn the next day or the same day if the application is filed morning, low commissions, the entrance to the site and validation of the data by SMS. Problems with the tax personally I did not have, and led through okpay to contact more than 10,000 dollars per month.

2) It is possible to choose the exchange rate, a reference to the course to which you yourself choose a percentage value, I’ll take but Gokcen rate is usually much larger, and the ability to sell Bitcoins on the best rate with the rapid withdrawal on okpay for me is very interesting.

3) If you enter 0.01 btc on the bill appears 0.02 btc, some promotional campaign to draw attention to resource

That it is desirable to fix it:

1) The first question that arises – why. Su, why just do not buy the right name because then it just simply can not find. Many will say that it does not play a role as a site, yes it is, I do think so, and do not pursue a similar, but in this case we are talking about money, and if a person is going to trade a large sum of money will be more trust. Com or . ru, for example, than the website located at.

2) The site is in beta testing, it does not work and there is something really not possible to change now, but there is an opportunity to replenish the account …

3) A few confusing interface when working with applications

4) All the same, need greater protection for the resource, the authentication via SMS, work with certificates or something, just a one-time password for the login and password for transactions rather weak defense which falls on loss of email address of the user, although in Yandex works …

The idea is pretty interesting, but recently a competitor – it WMX from WebMoney, where the security is OK, but fairly low liquidity, if your resources work in out to solve this problem then I will be happy to use it. And to solve the problem of liquidity in two ways: uploading a large number of its own funds or attracting a sufficient number of active customers / users.